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and don't ashamed be of it.

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How many of you want a Bigger Circle of women you Trust?

Do you want a circle that pushes you to the Next Level in every area of Life?

FORBES FEATURED Mother Elaine Cunningham-Walker created a space for WOMEN to really be themselves and in doing so, helped women realise their potential to step outside of the circle holding them back and preventing them from really being fearless and change-makers.

Welcome to the Sister Circle Summit!

An event that will TRANSFORM your mind and ELEVATE your circle.

1. WHO is in your CIRCLE that can help you get PROMOTED?

2. WHO is in your CIRCLE that you can SPEAK to when you are just having a bad week?

3. HOW can you POSITION yourself to be RELEVANT and VISIBLE?

Meet Your Speakers!

During this summit you will hear from:

SISTER-SPEAKERS who will teach you how to raise your brand.

SISTER-SPEAKERS who will show you how their spiritual relationship changed their mindset and allowed them break the glass ceiling.

SISTER-SPEAKERS who will teach you how to IMPACT the world with your gift.

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